It's a BOY !

Ascher Drew Snyder
Born:  April 15, 2005 5:03 pm
20.5" long; 7 lb, 14 oz.
2007 #2
2007 #3
9/9:  Getting ready for football season and the new baby!  Next update should be for two.
2007 #1
Winter #2
Winter #1
4/29:  Well, we've had the holidays and Ascher's 2nd Birthday since the last update.  He's had is 2 year checkup and he's still very tall, over 36".  He also talks non-stop and is cuter than ever, see for yourself.
Fall #2
Fall #1
11/25:  We've had a great fall so far.  Ascher is quite a handful, he's walking (running) and talking (blabbering non-stop).  We visited New Hope with some friends around Halloween and Ascher got to pick some apples. 
8/11:  Been awhile for updates and unfortunately I lost a bunch of pictures from our old digital camera.  Ascher is now walking and talking.  He's become quite a handful as he also has a penchant for climbing.  He climbs up into his stroller and his high chair!  Enjoy.
Jan-Apr #1
Jan-Apr #2
Jan-Apr #3
4/30: Ascher just celebrated his 1st birthday.  At his recent doctor's visit, he was 31.8" tall (96%) and weighed 23lb, 8oz (59%).  He's a big boy and also has a big noggin.  He's getting close to walking, but crawling is still his preferred mode of transportation.
December 1
December 2
1/16:  Ascher is mobile now, crawling and standing.  He's got 6 teeth with another coming in  As you can see, we had a  great Christmas.
November 12/11:  It was tough to tell which was bigger, the turkey or Ascher on Thanksgiving.  He's got 5 teeth now, three on the bottom and two on top !
October #2
October #1
10/30:  Big update here.  Acher's been eating lots of solid foods as you can tell from the pictures.  He's up to 18 lbs, 4 oz and 28 inches long.  He's gotten into the football spirit, although he's shelved his Chad Pennington jersey now that Chad is out for the season.  Oh well, there's always next year.
August #2
9/5:  Ascher had a checkup and he's 16 lbs 13 oz and 26.5" long.  As you can see from above, he's also started to eat solid foods. 
July #2
8/15:  Ascher is four months old today.  Enjoy the new pics. 
July 7/26:  It's been awhile for the update to come, but we have new pics.  Ascher is now over 3 months old and now sleeps through the night.  That's great, but he started teething, so he's a little irritable during the day.  All in all he's very healthy and cute as a button. 
Remainder of June
6/15:  Ascher is two months old - happy birthday.
(6/6) 6/6: Ascher paid a visit to his vacation home in Lititz, PA.  He also went out to Long Island to visit his maternal grandparents and meet his Aunt Allisyn and Uncle Michael who came in from Austin, TX.  Ascher celebrated the 40th anniversary of his paternal grandparents in style.
(5/15) 5/15: Ascher is 1 month old today.  Happy birthday little one !  He has been eating like crazy.  We aren't worried that he's not getting enough to eat, that's for sure.  He goes in for his one month checkup and then we'll know for sure.
(4/30) 5/8: The lactation constultant said that the Ascher was very big, he has big feet and looked much bigger than a 2 week old.  She also said he has a "tongue like a shovel."  After all that, she said he looks just like his dad !  I think he's much cuter.
  (4/27) 5/8: Ascher's umbilical cord stump has finally fallen off.  He has the cutest little belly button - don't you agree?
(4/22) 4/27: Ascher gained 10 oz in one week, which is more than the 1 oz per day the doctor was looking for.  This means he is eating well and momma is doing a great job feeding him (which presently occurs every two hours.)
Paino Photos & Day 3. 4/24:  Ascher is a celebrity at his Grandpa's office in midtown Manhattan.
His first two days. 4/22: Ascher has earned the nickname "Baby Houdini" due to his ability to escape from straight-jacket like swaddling. First, he extends his feet while being swaddled to give himself more room to work, then he works a hand free out the top, at which point - it's only a matter of time before he escapes.